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The Production Operations Manager reports directly to the general manager and works with crew members to help them achieve their professional goals and to establish accountability measures. In addition, the Production Operations Manager will work to find ways to increase company growth by finding and implementing efficiencies in the areas of materials ordering, inventory management and workflow.


  • Reports to: General Manager
  • Coordinates with Production Manager to accomplish duties as outlined
  • Works at the department head level to address company-wide problems and opportunities
  • Regularly research, develop and implement procedures to increase profits and efficiency in the areas of materials ordering, inventory management, workflow, staffing and organizational streamlining
  • Work with bookkeeping team to compile results and report to management team on a regular basis
  • Establish production department benchmarks at the department, crew, and individual levels
  • Serve as liaison between production and sales departments, coordinating with production manager and sales managers
  • Plan for production department staffing needs, coordinate with HR and marketing team members to implement recruitment efforts
  • Works with crew members to identify and achieve personal and professional job and salary growth goals
  • Works with crew members to establish and implement accountability measures (areas of concern include absenteeism, job performance, conduct & appearance standards)
  • Conducts annual employee performance reviews and maintains record keeping system for employee files, in conjunction with company-wide HR manager
  • Develop and implement bonus structure for production employees
  • Develop and maintain a “rainy day” project list: high value, low urgency tasks that can benefit the company and be used to employ crew during downtimes
  • Appearance and behavior on job site conforms with All Craft Exteriors policy
  • Follows all legally required safety precautions and procedures
  • May be asked to take part in paid out of town travel for training purposes
  • Attends company meetings as required by Owner/GM
  • Serve as information resource for sales and staff
  • Participate in marketing and public relations activities as needed (including staff pictures, broadcast, social media, videos, etc.)
  • Other duties as requested by the Owner/General Manager/Production Manager

The ideal applicant will have construction experience at the management level and a strong working knowledge of the Microsoft Office suite, especially Excel and Word. Self discipline and strong leadership skills are a must.

After a period of employment, All Craft Employees become eligible to receive benefits, these include:

  • Accrue PPT (paid personal time off)
  • Choose to participate in a retirement investment plan  (employer matches up to 3%)
  • Participate in company-wide bonuses based on performance

Production Operations Manager