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The Insurance division sales manager will work with the insurance sales estimators to help them achieve sales goals, ensure that they are following the correct procedures when working with production,  coordinate sales training, chair a weekly sales meeting, attend weekly and monthly staff meetings, and other duties.


  • Work at the department head level to address company-wide problems and opportunities
  • Teach and continually reinforce Customer-Focused Selling to best service the customer
  • Develop strategies to support the achievement of sales forecasts and goals
  • Assist and train salespersons in conflict resolution as needed
  • Coordinate training for sales and estimation staff (including other managers who are performing in a sales role)
  • Lead sales team to achieving the budgeted sales and gross margin dollars outlined in the annual company plan
  • Provide sales support by reviewing and approving major sales proposals as needed, helping with estimates and/or any other support necessary
  • Ensure that all sales team members always represent the company professionally, are committed to the 100% satisfaction of the company’s clients and show a positive team spirit in all dealings with other team members
  • Obey and teach the team rules and team philosophy
  • Coordinate with the Production Manager to ensure that sales staff is compliant with production paperwork and orders
  • Coordinate with the Marketing Manager to generate sufficient leads to enable sales team to meet or exceed yearly goals
  • Inform Marketing Manager in a timely manner that sales support materials (brochures, leave behinds, sample kits, yard signs, contracts, sales forms, etc.) are needed
  • Assist the Marketing Manager to organize shows and events in conjunction with the Owner/GM and Production Manager
  • Chair at least one mandatory sales meeting each week with the sales team
  • Commit to 1-on-1 training as needed with each salesperson, including at least 1 ride-a-long per quarter
  • Supervise, monitor, and advise sales reps on maintaining target Account Receivable balance
  • Attend/Chair staff meetings as required by Owner/GM
  • Build a Sales Team culture that truly adheres and follows company standards
  • Ensure that all sales team members represent the company professionally at all times, are committed to the 100% satisfaction of the company’s clients, and show a positive team spirit in all dealings with other team members
  • Attend networking events (BNI, Rochester Chamber, Rochester Area Builders, etc.) as requested and directed by the Owner/GM
  • Meet continuing education standards
  • Assist in the recruiting and hiring of sales and estimate staff
  • Attend staff meetings as required by Owner/GM
  • Participate in marketing and public relations activities as needed (including staff pictures, broadcast, social media, videos, etc.)
  • Other duties as requested by the General Manager or owner
  • Position may require out of town travel for training, etc.
  • Construction industry experience a huge plus
  • 2+ years of sales experience
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office programs, especially word, excel and PowerPoint.

All Craft Exteriors offers the following benefits to it’s employees:

  • Accrue PPT (paid personal time off)
  • Choose to participate in a retirement investment plan  (employer matches up to 3%)
  • Participate in company-wide bonuses based on performance

Sales Manager (Insurance)