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A supplement associate is part of the the insurance sales division. This member of the team works with sales representatives to ensure that our customers receive the coverage that they are entitled to according to both their policy and local laws and building codes. The job includes anticipating gaps and problems in insurance coverage, working closely with sales representatives, customers, insurance carriers, adjusters and other participants in the process.


  • Identify possible gaps in insurance coverage that need to be addressed by supplement
  • Communicate with production staff about unforeseen complications, inform insurance companies immediately
  • Work with sales staff to ensure collection of necessary documentation (photos, etc.) to support supplemental claims
  • Build estimates from measurements and photos to supplement any gap in insurance coverage
  • Negotiate with insurance companies to ensure that the Insured’s job is adequately covered
  • Ensure that insurance payments are adequate to cover all repairs necessary and to conform to all local and state building codes
  • Retain information regarding individual insurance companies’ guidelines / standards
  • Follow up to ensure payment has been sent to the Insured
  • Assist sales staff in entering orders in Customer Management Software (Acculynx). [NOTE: Supplement work is prioritized higher]
  • Enter orders for all jobs that include an insurance claim and/or supplement for production approval
  • If a sales order is not approved by production, make changes and resubmit to production
  • Keep office and manager informed of whereabouts during work hours via Google Calendar at all times
  • Perform other duties as requested by General Manager or Owner
  • Participate in networking activities as required by Sales Manager and Owner/General Manager
  • Participate in marketing and public relations activities as needed (including staff pictures, videos, etc.)
  • Attend staff meetings as required by Owner/General Manager
  • Position may require out of town travel for training, etc.

The Ideal Candidate will

  • display strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • be able to perform basic computer navigation tasks. (Familiarity with Microsoft Office suite a plus)
  • possess ability to perform basic mathematics, including, but not limited to: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fraction conversions
  • be self-driven, dependable and punctual
  • be able to perform under pressure while maintaining a professional attitude
  • have the ability to work both as part of a team and independently
  • construction experience is a plus


All Craft Exteriors offers the following benefits to it’s employees:

  • accrue PPT (paid personal time off)
  • 401K match
  • participate in company-wide bonuses based on performance
  • paid company holidays

Supplement Associate