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Welcome to the All Craft Exteriors FAQ page! We’re here to help you with answers to all your roofing, windows, siding and gutter questions. We know home improvement can be a complicated process and we want to give you the freedom to gather the information you need at your own pace.  Take a look at our FAQs for answers to some commonly asked questions.  Need to know the answer to something else? Please feel free to give us a call, we’re happy to help.

How far out are you on jobs?
When you call us, we can give you an accurate number. There are a few factors that determine how long we are out on jobs. In recent years, labor shortages, and supply chain issues have played a role in making our wait times longer than we would like. This has been an industry-wide issue, however. We think that you’ll find that, if you call any reputable company, you will find that they have a wait time. If someone says they can do your job right away, it’s best to find out why.

Do you work through the winter?
We DO work through the winter for everything except asphalt roofing. Due to a sealant strip on the shingles that serves a specific function in keeping your roof protected from the elements, when the weather is below 45 degrees the temps make it impossible for the sealant to serve it’s intended function. This leaves for the possibility of water or debris to penetrate your roof decking causing more damage.
Since we care about our customers and their homes we wait until we know the weather will be favorable for a completely sealed roofing system and that we will be able to warrant that for you.

Do you do storm damage repair?
Yes, we are storm damage repair experts! All Craft Exteriors has a dedicated team of storm damage experts that are specifically dedicated to working with you and your insurance company.

Can you meet with our adjuster?
Yes, we are happy to meet with your adjuster. One of our storm experts can help point the adjuster in the right direction of the damage, however in order for them to run the appt for you we would need you to sign a contingency agreement stating you are committed to working with All Craft Exteriors on your repair work, but that the agreement is contingent on your insurance company agreeing to cover your damages.

What is a contingency agreement?
This is an agreement that says that you commit to using All Craft Exteriors to complete your repairs, however, the agreement only takes effect if (in other words, it is contingent upon) your insurance company agrees to pay for the damage that was done to your property.

Do you offer free estimates?
Yes, we do. Simply call 507-424-3323 or email us to set up an appointment with one of our estimators.

Do I need to be there?
We do ask that at least one of the homeowners be on site when we are at your property. This is in case
there is something we see we want to ask you about or something you may have questions on so that we can all be on the same page.

Do both of us have to be there?
While it’s easier to have all decision makers present at the first appointment, it is not 100% necessary. We do need to have one decision maker with us,however, in case there is something we see we want to ask you about or something you may have questions on so that we can all be on the same page.

What if I can’t be there to meet with you?
We certainly understand that sometimes it can be hard. We try to be flexible with our schedules so that it will be easy to accommodate what you have going on. We go as late as 4 pm for evening appointments and we can start as early as 8am. Let our customer service representative know about your problem and they’ll do the best they can to accommodate you.

Do you do Estimates on the weekends?
We actually like to keep the weekends open for our families and yours, but we do our best to work with your schedules and be accommodating.

How much money do we need to put down to get the project going?
To get on our schedule and get the ball rolling we do ask for 50% down, and a signed contract to be on file. That is when we can officially order the materials for your project.

Can I use my Credit Card to pay?
Although check or cash is preferred, debit and credit cards are acceptable for payment. However, there is a 3.65% fee (applied towards the total cost of the invoice) on debit and credit card payments. For ACH transactions, there is a .05% fee (applied towards the total cost of invoice) plus $1.00.

Do you work with our insurance company or do we?
We work together to help you navigate your claim. You will sign a document that allows your insurance company to speak with us. Our  storm team works with you and your insurance company to get your items covered.  Ultimately, however, you are responsible for coming to an agreement with your insurance company.

How does the insurance claim process work?
We work with your insurance company and you to make sure that the items required that are to be state code compliant are covered and we help mitigate your out of pocket cost. We work off of the insurance estimate that the insurance company approves, and also try to get what you need covered, covered. 

What does the appointment entail, what do they do when they come here?
They will come and measure, find out what you like and don’t like and then we can get you the estimate from there. For storm damage it’s a little different. We will have one of our storm experts come and meet with you to see where your areas of concern are, take pics of the area with damage and measure these areas. 

How long does the appointment take?
We ask that you allow about an hour, give or take, so that we can measure, take pics, see what you like and don’t like and get you the estimate or storm detail information.

Do you do 3rd party inspections?
We recommend contacting a home inspector because they are licensed to do inspections and we are only able to do estimates to replace or repair. 

Do you do an insurance estimate or work off of insurance stuff?
We work off of the insurance estimate that is approved by them, however if there are things that they didn’t cover for you, we will go to bat to try to get that coverage before any work is done. 

Do you fix small roof leaks?
No, we don’t typically fix small leaks in roofs. We only replace damaged roofs. This is because a small leak is often indicative of a larger problem with the roof’s structure, and a temporary fix could lead to more expensive problems down the road. We want to ensure that our customers’ roofs are in good condition and will last for many years, so we only offer complete roof replacement services.

What communities do you serve?
Typically we serve communities within a 40+ mile radius of Rochester. This includes Stewartville, Plainview, Elgin, Millville, Byron, Kasson, Dodge Center, Marion, Chatfield, Pine Island, Mazeppa, Zumbrota, Zumbro Falls, St. Charles, Wabasha, Lake City, Winona and Red Wing.