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Soft-Lite Barrington Windows

Coming home to a beautiful house just feels good and your windows are a big part of what makes your house look great.   Windows come in just about as many different sizes and shapes as there are people – and All Craft Exterior is able to install them all.  Call us at 507-424-3323 for a free estimate or a consultation.

In Minnesota, our weather hits the extremes, and so energy efficiency is important.  Not only are our windows amazing to look at, but we offer some great choices that are incredibly efficient at keeping the comfortable air you paid for IN and the uncomfortable air OUT!  Not sure if you NEED new windows? Give us a call and we can take a look to see if you’re losing heat, how much you’re losing, and from where.


Only the BEST

We love Soft-Lite Windows.  You will too!

We were thrilled when we got a chance to become Rochester’s exclusive dealer for Soft-Lite.  (It’s true! Mike, our in-house window expert, actually did a little dance in the breakroom when he got the news that we would be able to carry these windows.)

Why do we get so excited about Soft-Lite?

Quite simply because we believe these are the best replacement windows you’ll find anywhere.

  • They are highly energy efficient. The double-hung windows in Soft-Lite’s Element’s line meet the highest industry standards.  They’ve been independently tested by NFRC, Energy Star, and AAMA. The results of this certification? No other window in our market can compete on overall performance.
  • They are strong and safe. The K-beam that reinforces the sash keeper rail is made using Kevlar-  that’s the same stuff they make bulletproof vests out of!  This gives the window’s sashes and locks an extra dose of strength.
  • They look great in your home.  The elegant cove molded face on the Elements lines adds an extra touch of class. These windows are also equipped with an invisible tilt hardware system that eliminates the clunky look of traditional tilt latches.

That’s why we love these windows so much.  If you’d like to read more, you can go to Soft-Lite’s website. But the best way to get to know these windows is to let us show them to you. Give us a call today.  We’ll bring a window to your house so you can see it for yourself and ask us all kinds of questions, and don’t worry, our crew hates the hard sell as much as you do, so there is no pressure to buy.

Financing options are available, too, so don’t hesitate to ask us.