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A storm can damage multiple parts of your home or business! Because we specialize in multiple services, All Craft Exteriors is the leader in storm damage restoration in Rochester, MN. Let’s face it, this area is prone to wind, rain, hail and snow. A rough storm can wreak havoc on your gutters, windows and siding. Storm damage may be covered by your insurance policy and our staff can help you file your claim and get the work done quickly and efficiently. We offer free estimates, fair prices, and quality services.

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Many times a storm will tear off shingles or even knock a hole in your roof. All Craft Exteriors is here to help with this. We are available to help you file your insurance claims and fix your roof. Have you experienced additional damage to your home? There is no need to call several different companies: All Craft Exteriors can fix it all!

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Damaged roof shingles
Replacing damaged windows


Has a storm damaged your windows? Or has a tree fallen through one? We are able to fix your windows quickly and efficiently. We offer a large variety of replacement windows to match your existing windows. On the other hand, maybe that storm was a reminder that it’s time to upgrade all of the windows in your home. Either way, we are here to help!

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Most siding can withstand a lot. But like anything else in this world, siding will suffer the ravages of time. When weakened by age, siding will experience wear. Powerful storms can scratch or tear siding.  Worn or damaged siding exposes your home to harmful elements.

If storms have damaged the siding on your home or business, All Craft offers everything you need to replace your siding and protect your home.  When you are looking for new siding in a different brand or color, we can help with that too. Give us a call today at 507-424-3323 to learn more about our siding products.

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Replacing damaged siding with a nail gun
Presbyterian Church in Plainview, MN


Storms don’t just hit houses.  Larger buildings are hit, too. In addition to handling storm damage to residential properties, the All Craft Exteriors team has the expertise to handle large storm damage jobs as well.  From municipal buildings and multifamily housing to church roofs and even steeples, you can trust the Best Crew in the Business to get it right!

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