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All Craft Exteriors is proud to announce that All Craft University is BACK for a second season! We will begin accepting applications on February 6, 2024 and continue accepting them until May 10, 2024.   Thanks for your interest and check back with us in the spring of 2024.


  • 6 week paid training course lead by instructors with real world AND classroom experience

  • Tools and toolbelt provided during training.

  • Participants will be chosen through an application process… you are applying for a job.

  • No previous construction experience necessary. Just bring a drive to learn and a will to work.

  • Applicants must meet certain basic physical requirements.

  • Applicants MUST be 18 years of age or older.

All Craft University is a paid training position at one of Rochester’s most successful home improvement companies. 

The “class” lasts for 6 weeks, during which our 8 successful applicants will be trained by a qualified instructor with both real world and classroom teaching experience.

Designed around the candidate who is just entering the world of work, or who is looking for a new career direction.  The application process is open to anyone who will be 18 years old or older as of June 19, 2024.

Those who complete the program successfully will likely be offered full time positions at All Craft Exteriors.


A career in the building trades might be the best kept secret of success in today’s workplace.

According to an article on National Public Radio  high paying jobs in the building and remodeling industry are sitting empty while kids are being pushed into four year college programs which cost thousands of dollars with no guarantee of success.

In the trades, you can…

Get the same benefits as a white-collar job with a fraction of the schooling and little or no student debt.

Start earning money right away, not in 4 years.

Enjoy Job Security,  it will be a very long time before somebody can teach a robot to hang siding!

Know you’ve got a great job no matter where you go.  The trades are always hiring!


Siding Installers can make over $38,303 a year.

Roofers can earn as much as $47,110.

Skilled Window installers can earn $51,350 or more.

And a crew leader or production manager can make $65,500 and up every year.

Why All Craft Exteriors?

All Craft Exteriors is a company that was founded by craftsmen for craftsmen and for the homeowners who appreciate the best work.  Ask our team members and they’ll tell you they stay with All Craft because they get satisfaction out of being able to do the job right.

Other advantages of working here:

  • Newer trucks and tools take the frustration out of work
  • Paid holidays
  • Health care options
  • Earn paid time off
  • 401K retirement program with employer match
  • Highly competitive pay

Apply TODAY! Accepting applications for 2024