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Outstanding All Craft Exteriors team members run 5K for a good cause on Thanksgiving Day

At All Craft Exteriors, we are proud to have employees who not only excel in their roles within the company but also who display admirable qualities outside of work. Two of our employees, Matt Peterson and Zaheer Rizvi, recently participated in the Edward Jones Great Gobble 5K race, which was held on Thanksgiving day in 2023. We were honored to sponsor both Matt and Zee in this race, which benefited the local Salvation Army.

Matt Peterson is our production operations manager at All Craft Exteriors. Matt is a valuable asset to our company, ensuring that our production operations run smoothly and efficiently. However, he’s not just a leader within our company. Matt also displays leadership qualities outside of work, as evidenced by his participation in the Great Gobble 5K.

Zaheer Rizvi, aka “Zee,” works in our insurance supplement department. His role is to help our customers get the coverage they deserve when their homes are damaged by storms. Zaheer’s expert knowledge and professional skills are invaluable to our customers during stressful times. And once again, he has proven that he is not only a great employee but also an admirable human being.

The Great Gobble 5K race, organized by the Rochester Running Club is a wonderful event that allows our employees to give back to the community while taking part in a fun activity. The event is a fundraiser for the local Salvation Army. By sponsoring our employees in this race, we were able to contribute to a great cause while encouraging our people to stay fit and active.

Brent Beck, the owner of All Craft Exteriors, has always been a strong advocate for giving back to the community. According to Brent, “As a local business, it’s important to give back to the community that has helped us grow and thrive. We have a responsibility to support local charities and causes that improve the lives of people around us. At All Craft Exteriors, we take this responsibility seriously and encourage our employees to participate in events like the Great Gobble 5K.”

Giving back to the community is not only the right thing to do, but it also has a positive impact on our company’s reputation. In an age when many home-improvement companies are consolidating into large multi-state firms, we know that All Craft Exteriors must be a responsible and caring member of our community. Supporting events like the Great Gobble 5K and other charitable causes allows us to demonstrate our commitment to the community and build upon the trust between us and our customers.

The Great Gobble 5K event was a wonderful opportunity for All Craft Exteriors employees to not only give back to the community but also to bond with each other outside of work. Corporate events like these are a great way to build camaraderie among team members and create a more positive work environment.

In conclusion, we are proud to have employees like Matt Peterson and Zaheer Rizvi who not only excel in their roles at All Craft Exteriors but also display admirable qualities outside of work. Their participation in events like the Great Gobble 5K demonstrates their commitment to the community and reinforces our company’s mission to give back to the society that supports us. We encourage other local businesses to follow in our footsteps and give back to the communities they serve as an essential aspect of corporate social responsibility.

KIMT3 has the story!  Watch carefully at the 1 minute and 17 second mark, and you can see Zee and Matt run by!