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Fear The Dark Side (Of Your Home)

There's More Than Meets The Eye Regarding Your Home

When you think of the outside of your home, it’s not just windows, siding, and a roof.  There are multiple components that when combined, not only provide your home’s  “curb appeal”,  but play a vital role in protection against the elements.

Check out this article from the  “Roofers Coffee Shop” discussing the two “not-so-known” components of the outside of a house: soffit and facia.    It’s an interesting read explaining the important role they play not only in aesthetics but your roof’s integrity.  

What is soffit and facia?  The facia sits on the edge of the roofline.  It is very visible and thus plays an important role in the curb appeal of your home.  It is also a functional part of your roof, supporting the bottom row of your shingles as well as providing the surface necessary to mount gutters.

Soffits are located on the underside of the roof overhang.  In addition to protecting your home against the elements, they play a very important role in the ventilation of your attic.  Soffits have vents which provide air flow into the attic for circulation.  Air flow helps to avoid moisture condensation in the attic which can lead to mold.

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