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Taking A Smart Approach To Home Ownership!

Owning a home creates many “learning opportunities”.  From finance to maintenance to remodeling, there are literally hundreds of “how to” opportunities that present themselves with every home you own.  And today, many homeowners have gone a step beyond into the realm of “smart homes”.  No longer is it necessary to have a lamp plugged into a wall thermostat (when you go on vacation) to notify a neighbor in case your furnace quits.  Or ask that same neighbor to keep an eye out for prowlers while you’re gone. 

Today, there are a multitude of “smart solutions” available that provide you, the homeowner greater peace of mind.  Smart thermostats, cameras and door locks are just a few of the things that  have changed the landscape in home monitoring.  See the attached article, “Sell Them Smarter”  from Masonite.  It explains the scope of designing the next wave of smart homes.

 And when the time comes to enhance the exterior of that home, think about All Craft Exteriors.  Roofing, siding, windows, gutters and doors.  We have the expertise to proudly offer a lifetime labor warranty.   It’s all about being informed in order to help make smart choices.