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Word of mouth is one thing, but award winning is another.   You don’t have to take our word for it, just check out the Rochester Post Bulletin’s 2023 Best of The Best results.  See details here,  (pages 26-27).  We’re excited to say that Rochester and the surrounding communities have chosen us as number one in multiple home exterior renovation categories.   We’re also excited to team up with another award winner: GAF and their Timberline UHDZ  shingles.  They’ve recently received the 2023 prestigious Good Housekeeping Home Reno Award for an innovative product that delivers on its promises and looks great doing it.  See details here.

At All Craft, our mantra is “Built on Trust”, and we are not only proud to be trusted by the customers who voted us the Best of The Best, but to be associated with a company like GAF, which has also been recognized for quality and innovation.  With quality products and a lifetime labor warranty, we hope you consider All Craft and GAF as your roofing solution providers.    


If you think it’s time to attend to your roof, whether as a result of Mother Nature (hail, wind, etc) or just plain worn out, don’t feel like you have to start from scratch.  We’re here to assist you from roofing assessment to insurance claim support to quality installation, and everything in between.  

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And if you’re curious as to how the Good Housekeeping Seal originated, read on…

The History of Good Housekeeping Seal

Since “before time”, mankind has struggled with wanting more.   And so began the pursuit of acquisition – whether through purchase, barter, trade or in some cases, theft.  Regardless of the transaction, (except for maybe theft), there has always been that nagging question in the back of the mind – “I wonder if this thing is any good?”.   

Luckily, back in 1885 one man found a way to stifle the nagging.  His name was Clark W. Bryan and he founded Good Housekeeping magazine.   As described by Good Housekeeping, their mission was, “to produce and perpetuate perfection – or as near unto perfection as may be attained in the household”.  In 1900, Good Housekeeping took that mission statement one step further and created their own product testing facility.  To recognize superior products which had passed their extensive testing, they began awarding them the, “Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval”.  Then in 1941, it became simply, the Good Housekeeping Seal.  Since that time, the Good Housekeeping Seal has become a recognized and respected acknowledgement for product quality.  As they put it, “We test it, so you can trust it.”.

Today, many consumers rely on the Good Housekeeping Seal when evaluating products for purchase.  The list of products is extensive, from textiles, clothing and apparel, to appliances, cleaning supplies to beauty and skin care products to even roofing materials.   Regardless of the diversity of the products,  the common link between them all is that they have received the distinguished, “Seal”.